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Geosite Database (Intellectual Output 1)

The Geosite database was developed as part of the 1st Intellectual Output and contains the mapping of a geosites in Geoparks and areas of interest and all the necessary data and information. Based on methodology developed in the project, for each geosite  a “Geosite inventory sheet” was prepared. 20 geosites from each Geopark of Lesvos Island UNESCO Global Geopark (Greece), Troodos UNESCO Global Geopark (Cyprus), Sierra Norte de Seville UNESCO Global
Geopark (Spain), Alpi Apuan UNESCO Global Geopark and Tuscan Mining Park UNESCO Global Geopark (Italy) and Latvia where no Geopark has not been recognized yet was selected highlighting their educational value for visual impaired and disable people.

The geosite database can be downloaded here.


G4Vid application for Android (Intellectual Outputs 2-3-4)

The application combined the functions of visual-to-aural translation and navigation functions.

The application can be downloaded here for manual installation.

Or you can download the app at the Google play store.

App aural functions description (IO2)

App navigation functions description (IO3)


Website description (Intellectual Output 4)


Photo galleries (Intellectual Outputs 1-4)

Tuscany geosite photo gallery

Sevilla geosite photo gallery

Cyprus Troodos geosite photo gallery

Lesvos geosite gallery